Sample Class Assignments

Case analysis Paper (Individual) – Rahul Mitra, Wayne State University – January, 2014:
Select a contemporary case study involving any form of organization (e.g., corporation, nonprofit, government agency) and analyze the situation from ONE of the six main perspectives discussed in class (i.e., classical, human relations, human resources, systems, cultural, OR critical/feminist).

Media Reports (Individual/Group) – Jamie McDonald, University of Texas at San Antonio – Fall 2017:
In your media reports, you will analyze a news article that relates to organizational communication. Your job is to illustrate how the theories and concepts that we discuss in class apply to the news article that you’re analyzing.

Case Study – Fight Viral with Viral: A Case Study of Domino’s Pizza’s Crisis Communication Strategies – Cory L. Young & Arhlene Flowers, Ithaca College – February, 2021

Essay Exam (Individual) – Kathleen J. Krone, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – February, 2021:
Develop responses of the following questions. As you do, think of your responses as ways to demonstrate your understanding and ability to work with important course concepts. You will want to reference the textbook as a source, but you do not need to attach a formal list of references. Aim to develop responses of between 350-400 words per question. Good luck!

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