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What is Organizational Communication? (ANIMATION VIDEO)

CU-Boulder’s Matt Koschmann is an enthusiastic proponent of using animation to teach organizational communication. His team has produced this amazing piece, titled “What is Organizational Communication?” The piece is accompanied by a write-up as well, and will be presented at the annual conference of the National Communication Association at Orlando, FL, in November 2012. As you can also read here, “For Koschmann, animation holds a multitude of benefits and was the answer to a standing question: how to make the screen more engaging.”

Strategic Organizational Communication: In a Global Economy (Wiley)

How to use Case Studies (PDF)

Charlie Conrad (Texas A&M U.) and Marshall Scott Poole (U. of Illinois) have graciously shared a section on Using Case Studies, from their recently released book Strategic Organizational Communication: In a Global Economy (Publishers: Wiley). This 8-page PDF file is a fantastic resource for org-com faculty planning out their classes and looking for different ways to use case studies. Dr. Conrad also shared his insights with us while at the “Possibilities of Case Study Communication” roundtable panel at the Central States Communication Association, 2013.


Management Communication Quarterly

Org-Com Podcasts & Course Packs (AUDIO & PDFS)

Management Communication Quarterly (MCQ) often publishes vanguard organizational communication research; little known, however, is its trove of podcasts discussing org-com “key concepts” and course packs for teaching, which can be VERY useful for instructors. Have a look for yourselves! From MCQ’s webpage: “MCQ publishes conceptually rigorous, empirically-driven, and practice-relevant research from across the organizational and management communication fields and has strong appeal across all disciplines concerned with organizational studies and the management sciences.


Org-Com Syllabus, Case Studies, Teaching Assignments (PDFS)

This is a great site, accompanying Cheney, Christensen, Zorn and Ganesh’s (2003) book, Organizational Communication in an Age of Globalization: Issues, Reflections, Practices. The site features some excellent syllabi, case studies and other teaching resources, and links to relevant conferences/organizations.




Book Lists (URL)

At some point or the other, you’ll inevitably be looking for organizational communication textbooks to use in your (new?) class. While it’s helpful to ask around on Facebook and in your own department what’s a great book to employ, trolling through Amazon.com’s list of books titled “Organization Communication” couldn’t hurt either, right? 🙂 I like this link because it updates automatically as new books become available on Amazon; also, because it lists both the prices and ratings by readers, so you can scan all of that in a quick glance. (This information does not appear on the Google Books page, at least as of 5/21/12).

If you would like to add or link to a resource on this page, please send us an email at orgcomNDnews@gmail.com


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