Soul-Searching After Parkland, Dick’s CEO Embraces Tougher Stance On Guns


Source: NPR

Almost nine months after the Parkland shooting, Ed Stack — the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods — stood up in the audience of a New York Times conference. He got up to talk about restricting gun sales at his stores. He had done it many times before, but this time, he got personal.

His highly publicized tougher stance on gun sales and outspoken push for reform turned the now-64-year-old into an unlikely corporate face of gun control. To Wall Street, the company’s new gun policy wasn’t out of line with its business interests. But to most Americans, this was a staid, dependable athletics store suddenly plunging into activism.

Story length: 1,720 words

Read the full story here. (Also listen to 7.02 min AUDIO clip.)


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