Flint residents welcome Nestlé donations. But its ads? Not so much.


Source: Bridge

Last year, state regulators stoked outrage by approving Nestlé’s request to tap up to 400 gallons of water per minute from one Osceola County well for its Ice Mountain brand. The charge: A one-time $5,000 fee atop an annual $200 charge for the company that sold $4.5 billion in bottled water in 2017.

In other recent Nestlé ads, the voices of Michigan-based employees tout the company’s commitment to the state. But the Flint promotions are the biggest talkers, drawing some backlash from critics who believe Nestlé is exploiting Flint’s water crisis while making millions off the water it slurps from Michigan.

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Access the full story here ; Also 32 second Nestle ad (VIDEO).

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