Marissa Mayer’s Two-Week Maternity Leave Is Bullsh*t

Source: Daily Beast

Yahoo’s CEO is pregnant with twins, and just like she did in 2012, she plans to take a working two-week-long maternity leave.

But in a blog post written after childbirth for the Lean In movement—which encourages professional women to “pursue their ambitions”—Mayer explained her decision as the byproduct of extreme circumstances surrounding her career shift… Two different quotes, two different stories: One in which Mayer portrays herself a busy bee who simply wants to keep working, the other in which she yearns for a luxurious leave but has to sacrifice it for the sake of the job. Which Mayer was telling the truth?

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One thought on “Marissa Mayer’s Two-Week Maternity Leave Is Bullsh*t

  1. Thank you for sharing this article. I love the comment from the husband of a working Yahoo mom. The sad part is a two week or less maternity leave is a reality for so many women, but not for the reasons that Marissa Mayer cites. I doubt they have access to childcare cubes at work, or even a night nanny.

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