Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Transformation

Source: Harvard Business Review

AUDIO/PODCAST (15 min): An interview with Jorge Cauz, president of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Excerpts from the full transcript: “Actually, the biggest disruption that I think– if I look at the darkest time of Britannica ever was that time when we walked in and the CD-ROM was really disrupting the print set. And there was not really quite the penetration of the internet into the households. That was really, I would say, the most vulnerable time that I have ever seen Britannica. And why it was vulnerable, because without the penetration of the internet into the households, we really didn’t have a very large market to whom we could address directly without having to go through the retailer, and with whom we could actually communicate directly online.”

Story length: 2,839 words

Access the full story here. (Also, see the packaged Harvard Business Review article here, for-pay)

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