Yes, Twitter Banning a Journalist for Heckling NBC Really Was That Bad

Let’s stipulate that Twitter banning journalist Guy Adams for posting NBC executive’s Gary Zenkel’s corporate email address was a very bad idea. They have begun fixing the damage they did by reinstating his account. NBC retracted its complaint, according to Adams.

Now, whether it was a craven decision or merely bad judgment comes down to whether Zenkel’s NBC email address is public or private information… So, imagine you’re Twitter and you deal with situations like this every day. You would almost undoubtedly have to develop a sense of public and private that were nuanced. Tweeting some kinds of phone numbers might be, but others wouldn’t. Tweeting a Facebook page might not be, but a location of an individual might be.

Story length: 1,025 words

Access the full story here.

Also, Forbes has an insightful article on this case, highlighting the loss of face for NBC: NBC Loses In Guy Adams v. Twitter (story length: 770 words)



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