Sexism Dovetails with Hypocrisy

Lynx’s latest campaign featuring Sophie Monk offering to clean various men’s “balls” has attracted criticism relating to female objectification and sexploitation. But the problem with protesting is that it is precisely this outrage that Lynx aims to provoke…

And corporations do not come much more disingenuous than Lynx’s parent company, Unilever. Remember that Dove campaign featuring women of all different shapes, colours and sizes standing around in their knickers supposedly taking on beauty stereotypes? Well, Dove is owned by Unilever. Yep. The same company that is funding self-esteem workshops and body-love courses for girls in our schools (under the Dove brand) is also producing the very types of ads that those courses caution against.

Story length: 680 words

Access the full story here. (Also contains 1.01 min video clip of Lynx’s ad in question)

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