Ivanka Trump fights to save the brand


Source: The New Yorker

Ivanka was appearing at the Fortune Most Powerful Women conference, an annual gathering of some of the most accomplished women in corporate America. She had spoken at the conference before, but this year the stop took on an obviously larger significance. Rather than simply reaffirming her celebrity presence among the female entrepreneurs and C.E.O.s of Fortune 500 companies in attendance, Ivanka was trying to salvage her brand, which is built around young professional women and working mothers, two groups who appear to be recoiling from her father’s Presidential candidacy in large numbers…. Appearing at the Fortune conference in her own “cap-sleeve embellished sheath dress,” a red number with a high slit up the side ($148 at Lord & Taylor), Ivanka tried to present a challenging argument, that she was both an important influence on her father yet completely removed from anything he did.

Story length: 1,420 words

Access the full story here

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