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Beware the rule-following co-worker, Harvard study warns

Every workplace has them. The colleague who bad-mouths you behind your back at the water cooler. The boss who takes credit for everyone else’s ideas. The sexist jerk people actively avoid by taking circuitous routes to the … Continue reading

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Pets in the office are helping relieve workplace stress

The sound of a dog barking has been enough to ease tensions in the high pressured environment  of the office.  At the Purina Petcare office in Sydney, employees who bring … Continue reading

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The Dropout Club Thousands of Doctors Want to Join

The name is telling, but its members will surprise you. The Drop Out Club is an online networking platform that’s helping doctors find careers outside of medicine. The members span … Continue reading

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Marissa Mayer’s Two-Week Maternity Leave Is Bullsh*t

Yahoo’s CEO is pregnant with twins, and just like she did in 2012, she plans to take a working two-week-long maternity leave. But in a blog post written after childbirth … Continue reading

September 7, 2015 · 1 Comment

Silicon Valley, Seeking Diversity, Focuses on Blacks

Having grown up in a single-parent home with an absent father who was frequently incarcerated, Mr. Young, 33, can identify with other young black men he now calls “hidden geniuses” … Continue reading

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Netflix Offers Expanded Maternity and Paternity Leave

Netflix announced on Tuesday that it was starting an unlimited leave policy for new mothers and fathers for the first year after the birth or adoption of a child. Story … Continue reading

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Progressive Refuses To Recognize Union One Month After Workers Vote To Organize

One month after its employees voted to unionize, the Salon Media Group, a digital media pioneer and a stalwart of the progressive press, has still refused to recognize the move. … Continue reading

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Sick doctors admit to spreading infections at work

Workplaces need to change their culture because even in hospitals, too many health-care workers show up for work when sick, and risk spreading infections to their patients, a new study … Continue reading

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Cutting back on useless meetings

Companies are starting to rein in pointless meetings because they hurt the bottom line. Video length: 2:19 Access the video here.

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